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Global Payouts

PlanetX: Your One-stop Solution for Everything Payout

Transform the way your payouts are done with PlanetX - our unified
B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B global payout platform

The only B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B global payouts solution you need

Whether you require payouts for B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B transactions, we’ve got you covered. Ensure timely single and bulk disbursements. 


Seamless payroll solutions for global businesses

Streamline bulk cross-border transactions and cost-efficiently payout to Asia’s top countries for offshore manufacturing operations. Ensure your employees in China, Thailand, India and Malaysia receive secure and timely payments in the local currency. 


Unlock China's global trade potential

Simplify the intricate process of moving funds into China, and enjoy more accessible and efficient transactions with China. Fully maximise the potential of China’s status as a global trade giant with Aleta Planet.


Swift and secure consumer remittances to China

Facilitate lightning-fast consumer remittances into China through multiple channels, including UnionPay, Alipay, and Wechat Pay. Send funds in under 60 seconds and bring people closer, no matter the distance. Connect to China with ease

B2B global payouts and payroll

Simplify the complexities of global payouts into a single, seamless workflow

Enjoy complete transparency, knowing who’s been paid when, and how. Flexibly choose between single or batch transaction processing and ensure that your recipients across the globe receive their payments securely and promptly.

Make single or batch payouts, in the local currency, to individuals and employees

Payouts to China

Maximise value and have full visibility
of your funds with end-to-end tracking 

  • Receiving Currency: RMB
  • Payment Method: UnionPay
  • Limit per transaction: USD 3,000
(Max of USD 50,000 a year)

Payouts to India

Full visibility with end-to-end tracking

  • Receiving Currency: INR
  • Payment Method: NEFT
  • Limit per transaction: —

Payouts to Malaysia

Full visibility with end-to-end tracking

  • Receiving Currency: MYR
  • Payment Method: FPX
  • Limit per transaction: RM 100,000

Payouts to Thailand

Full visibility with end-to-end tracking

  • Receiving Currency: THB
  • Payment Method: PromptPay
  • Limit per transaction: USD 3,000
(Max of USD 50,000 in a year)

How it works

Same day processing, Instant payouts*

Pay your global workforce easier, faster and more secure than ever before. 

1. Fund your Digital Business Account in the desired currency
2. Choose between single or batch payouts and beneficiaries account
3. Submit your beneficiaries information
4. Beneficiaries receive funds

What we need

Required information for a smooth, fast and secure payout

For commissions and Salary 

Agreement and Payment Invoice


Provide us with the necessary information

1. Beneficiary Bank Account Name
2. Beneficiary Bank Account Number
3. Beneficiary Address
4. Beneficiary Nationality
5. Beneficiary Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
6. Beneficiary Bank Name
7. Beneficiary Bank Address
8. Beneficiary Bank Code Type
9. Beneficiary Bank Code
10. Beneficiary Bank Country
11. Beneficiary Routing Code Type
12. Beneficiary Routing Code


B2C Inbound China

Safely and securely make business payments to and from China

Our China-centric background, powered by a unified payments suite, ensures a hassle-free, secure, and efficient process for both inbound and outbound payments with Chinese businesses. Rest easy knowing that the most secure payment routes are always utilized for the seamless flow of your funds in and out of China.

Streamline your B2B Payments

Make your B2B payments anytime, anywhere with our AP-1 app

Secure and compliant

Aleta Planet is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Your funds are protected by state-of-the-art security measures


Get real-time visibility on all your transactions into China. Track your payments easily and securely, and have peace of mind knowing where your money is and when it will arrive

As one of the few principal members of UnionPay International, rest assured that your funds are transferred quickly and securely into China. Avoid delays and complications.


Our digital documentation platform allows you to efficiently and quickly submit all your documents. Speed up the processing and approval times for your remittances.

C2C Personal Remittances

Connecting you to China with swift, hassle-free remittances

When it comes to individual remittances into China, our C2C payouts solution offers unmatched convenience. With instant transfers and a variety of trusted channels, you can send money the way you want, when you want it.

Multiple channels, one seamless platform

Choose the method that best suits you. Send money directly via UnionPay, China’s official banking system, or enjoy the convenience of Alipay and Weixin. With multiple channels at your fingertips, you have the flexibility to use the method you prefer. 

Faster, reliable, always on time

Forget the waiting game. With our remittance solution, your money takes just 60 seconds to reach its destination. Our platform isn’t just quick; it’s reliable and dependable. Say goodbye to hassles and delays – your money gets there when you need it to. In a world that moves fast, choose rapid, stress-free cross-border remittances.

Secure and compliant

Built with trusted bank partners

Our accounts and wallets are all build in partnership with a network of reputable global banks, to enable you with banking-related services. We’ve taken care of the upfront bank negotiations, compliance processes and regulatory requirements.

Ready to get started?

Discover how Aleta Planet can help your business conduct its B2C, B2B or C2C operations efficiently – be it payroll, business transactions, or personal remittances.